North Korea unveils its first nuclear submarine

North Korea unveils its first nuclear submarine
North Korea

In a move that has sent ripples across the international community, North Korea has launched its inaugural “tactical nuclear attack submarine.” This vessel, designated as submarine 841 and named “Hero Kim Kun Ok” after a naval officer from the 1940s, has been commissioned to patrol the waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

The grand unveiling ceremony took place at the Pongdae shipyards in Sinpo, located on the country’s northeast coast. This event coincided with the 75th anniversary of North Korea’s foundation, celebrated on September 9th. The nation’s leader, Kim Jong-un, was present for the occasion. In his address, Kim emphasized the submarine’s role as a primary nuclear offensive tool. He praised the Central Committee’s strategy to consistently modernize naval forces and promote the naval adoption of nuclear weaponry. Kim underscored the urgency of equipping the navy with atomic weapons, especially in the current geopolitical climate.

North Korea shows muscles in international context

The submarine’s design appears to be a modified version of the Soviet-era Romeo-class. Which North Korea procured from China in the 1970s and later began producing domestically. However, experts believe that this addition might not significantly bolster North Korea’s existing land-based nuclear forces. Given the submarine’s origins in older, noisier designs with limited range, its operational longevity in a conflict scenario might be questionable.

South Korean military sources have expressed skepticism about the submarine’s operational readiness. Suggesting that North Korea might be overstating its capabilities. As the world watches closely, the unveiling of this submarine underscores North Korea’s unwavering commitment to bolstering its military prowess, even amidst international scrutiny.