Inferno on board: emergency evacuation of 146 passengers on fight to Singapore!

Inferno on board: emergency evacuation of 146 passengers on fight to Singapore!

In a harrowing airborne episode, terror gripped an Air China flight bound for Singapore as an engine erupted in flames during descent, enveloping the cabin in a curtain of smoke. An emergency evacuation saw 146 passengers and nine crew members make a daring escape.

The nightmare began around 16:15 local time when Air China flight CA403 suddenly found itself shrouded in smoke in the front cargo hold and lavatories. Fortunately, airport personnel ensured a safe evacuation for all on board.

A viral video on social media captures the passengers’ anguish as the cabin crew provides vital instructions to cope with the emergency. Only through the heroic actions of the crew and the timely intervention of airport authorities was the fire in the left engine subdued after landing.

An eyewitness on the Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo recounted that the nightmare unfolded during the descent phase, terrorizing occupants for an agonizing 40 minutes. Air China reported that even Singapore’s Changi Airport had to activate emergency procedures in response to this tragic incident.

Additional online footage shows brave passengers sliding down emergency chutes to escape the perilous aircraft. Due to this event, Changi Airport’s Runway 3 will remain temporarily closed, causing inevitable flight operation delays, as reported by the Global Times.

In an instant, the thrilling flight to Singapore turned into a nightmare that tested the resilience of occupants but also showcased the extraordinary skill of the crew and the courage of passengers in the face of imminent danger.