Whatsapp’s latest feature that will change how you secure your conversations

Whatsapp’s latest feature that will change how you secure your conversations
Chat Lock Whatsapp

WhatsApp has become a globally used instant messaging application for communication through text, voice calls, and video. Accessible on smartphones, it facilitates exchanges of messages, photos, videos, and documents. End-to-end encryption ensures the security of conversations. Its features include group chats, high-quality voice and video calls, making it widely used for both personal and professional purposes, simplifying the connection between people worldwide. With an intuitive interface, WhatsApp has become a versatile tool, enabling immediate sharing of information and efficiently keeping people connected.

Recently, WhatsApp has launched a new feature called “Secret Code.” This new feature, announced on the platform’s official blog, is already active. Secret Code allows users to hide chats protected by the “Chat Lock” function, an option introduced in January. Basically, Chat Lock acts as a secondary password. In conversations that need to be kept private, a lock can be applied that requires a different password than the one used to unlock the phone. However, there was a problem related to this function.

Until now, when using the search bar, a folder with all the conversations to which the Chat Lock function was applied would be found. This could be a problem, as those who want to block a conversation from prying eyes may not even want the existence of that conversation to be known. Now, to find the folder with the conversations protected by Chat Lock, a Secret Code must be entered directly in the search bar. Only then will the folders with the chats hidden by a code be displayed. Of course, the best way to protect these conversations is still to keep access to the phone for oneself.

According to Meta, this function will be implemented worldwide. “We are delighted that the community is appreciating Chat Lock and we hope Secret Code can make this function even more useful. Secret Code will be available starting today and will be implemented worldwide in the coming months. We are thrilled to continue introducing new features to help people protect their privacy on WhatsApp.”

However, the codes cannot be differentiated, as it is one code for the chats that need to be protected, which will be recovered by entering the selected code in the search bar.

And what about notifications? When receiving messages from protected chats, the preview will not show the text content or the sender. It simply serves as a reminder to check, essentially. The lock can be removed at any time, basically by following the reverse process.