Taiwan’s secret weapon: the game-changing submarine that terrifies China!

Taiwan’s secret weapon: the game-changing submarine that terrifies China!
Taiwan's submarine

While the political atmosphere is dominated by fears of a potential Chinese action against Taiwan, especially in light of the upcoming 2024 presidential elections, Taiwan is revealing its ace in the hole to the world: a submarine entirely designed and assembled in the country. What is happening on the island is something the world did not expect and could upset international balances.

This new stronghold of the Taiwanese armed forces not only represents a technical strength but also a symbol of pride and independence. Built in the CSBC shipyards and named ‘Hai Kun’ (inspired by a legendary giant fish from Chinese tradition that can fly), the submarine is just the tip of the iceberg of an ambitious project that envisions the implementation of eight similar units, all with a clear goal: to strengthen Taiwan’s defense and deter any attempts of invasion by China.

The importance of this initiative has also been emphasized by President Tsai Ing-wen, who personally participated in the launch and navigation test of the submarine. It should be noted that she has been promoting a vigorous project to modernize the Taiwanese armed forces since her inauguration in 2016. And although the idea of equipping Taiwan with its own submarines is not new, under her leadership, there has been a significant strengthening in this direction, with substantial investments in the defense sector.

The cost of the new submarine

After this presentation, the ‘Hai Kun,’ which costs $1.54 billion, will undergo a series of rigorous tests before being officially assigned to the Taiwanese navy, scheduled for the end of 2024. But Taiwan does not stop there: another submarine is already in production, and the long-term plan includes a fleet of ten submarines equipped with missiles to counter Chinese ambitions.

Taiwan has no intention of letting its guard down. The goal, as stated by Admiral Huang Shu-kuang, head of the submarine program, is to repel any invasion attempt or naval blockade by China, gaining valuable time while waiting for the intervention of allied forces, particularly the United States and Japan.

However, China’s reactions have not been delayed. According to Beijing’s nationalist tabloid, Global Times, Taiwan is living in an illusion with this submarine project. The Chinese Ministry of Defense has also downplayed the importance of the new Taiwanese submarine, arguing that Taiwan is overestimating its capabilities and that the attempt to oppose China is simply unattainable. The repercussions that this new move could have are feared by countries around the world. What will happen in the next months? What will be the reaction?