Russia’s assault on Kharkiv and drones over Odessa

Russia’s assault on Kharkiv and drones over Odessa

On the chilly morning of October 6, 2023, Kharkiv, Ukraine, experienced a fresh Russian assault that shook the city to its core. This attack resulted in injuries to three civilians and was promptly reported by Governor Oleh Syniehubov via his Telegram channel. The districts of Kyivskyi and Osnovianskyi were the specific targets this time, leading to extensive damage to buildings and vehicles. Despite numerous requests for additional information, the governor urged residents to find shelter.

Kharkiv Oblast remains a consistent target of relentless Russian aggression. Only a day earlier, Moscow’s military forces had struck a grocery store and a bar in the village of Hroza, situated 86 kilometers to the east of Kharkiv. Tragically, this assault claimed the lives of 51 individuals and left six others injured, including children.

Kharkiv: the tragedy

One of the most heartbreaking aspects of this tragedy was the discovery of a ten-year-old child buried under the rubble in Kharkiv. Oleg Synegubov, the regional military leader of Kharkiv, confirmed this devastating news, stating, “A ten-year-old child was found under the debris, but unfortunately, they did not survive. In total, 16 individuals sustained injuries, including an 11-month-old baby. Rescue teams are tirelessly working to clear the wreckage.”

He went on to explain that “Iskander missiles had targeted residential structures.”

Additionally, Russian airstrikes had impacted eight communities in the Sumy region along the Ukrainian border, resulting in the unfortunate loss of civilian life.

3 drones downed in Odessa

Throughout the night, the city of Kiev dedicated substantial efforts to protect the port city of Odessa. They successfully intercepted and brought down three Shahed-131/136 drones, a pivotal defensive achievement. Regional Governor Oleh Kiper promptly relayed updates to the public regarding this significant defensive action.

This aerial confrontation was set against the backdrop of Russian military forces persistently targeting the essential port infrastructure of Odessa. The attack, primarily focused on the Izmail district, resulted in substantial damage to a grain storage facility and subsequently led to the ignition of nine trucks in the vicinity. Consequently, the sight of flames and smoke billowing from the burning vehicles created a haunting atmosphere in the area.

Following the attack, emergency response teams worked diligently to extinguish the fire. However, at present, there is no available information regarding casualties resulting from this specific incident. The city of Odessa remains on high alert, prepared to respond to any potential threats.

War’s toll: 281,090 Russian military lives

The ongoing conflict has taken a staggering toll on Russian military personnel. In just the past day, Russia has lost 620 soldiers, bringing the total casualties to 281,090 since Moscow’s initial attack on Ukraine on February 24th. These figures have been sourced from the daily bulletin released by the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff on Facebook. Nevertheless, it remains challenging to independently verify these statistics.

According to the Ukrainian military’s report, Russian losses encompass:

  • 4,777 tanks, 9,082 armored vehicles, 6,666 artillery systems, 806 multiple launch rocket systems, 540 anti-aircraft defense systems, 316 aircraft, and 316 helicopters.
  • Additionally, they have lost 9,015 automotive units, 20 naval vessels, and 5,158 drones.

The bulletin underscores that these figures are continually updated due to the intense ground combat conditions.