North Korea’s Shocking Satellite Failure Sends Tremors Across Nations!

North Korea’s Shocking Satellite Failure Sends Tremors Across Nations!
North Korea

Kcna, reported that North Korea has revealed the failure of its second attempt to launch a spy satellite into orbit. According to Kcna, the official press agency of Pyongyang, the issue is not considered serious, and they have stated that the launch will be attempted again in October. The mission failed due to an error in the emergency launch system during the third phase of the flight.

This launch, which had been anticipated by the Japanese government in preceding days, coincides with a large joint military exercise conducted by the US and South Korean armed forces.

Other countries’ reaction

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida condemned the failed North Korean satellite attempt, asserting that any launch of a ballistic missile using this technology violates United Nations resolutions. It has been mentioned that parts of the missile might have fallen into marine areas such as the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea, and waters east of the Philippines, beyond the zones previously announced by North Korea and Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

The White House issued a strong condemnation, labeling the launch a “brazen violation” of numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions. The United States has called on all nations to denounce the launch and has invited North Korea to engage in serious negotiations. It was added that the United States will take all necessary measures to ensure their country’s security and the defense of South Korea and Japan.