Chris Rock will direct Martin Luther King Jr. biopic!

Chris Rock will direct Martin Luther King Jr. biopic!
Chris Rock

Chris Rock, the illustrious comedian and actor who gained notoriety for the incident involving a slap from Will Smith at last year’s Oscars, is preparing for a new cinematic endeavor in his role as a director. His upcoming project entails overseeing the creation of a biographical film, dedicated to one of the most pivotal figures in American history, civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr.

The film

Backed by Universal Pictures, this film draws its creative impetus from the biography titled “King: A Life”, penned by the renowned journalist Jonathan Eig. This literary work made its debut in the United States in May, enjoying remarkable success and even securing a nomination for the esteemed National Book Award. Its narrative crafts an intimate portrait of King, depicting him as a courageous yet emotionally tormented individual. He fervently advocates for peaceful protests while wrestling with his own vulnerabilities, all while confronting a relentless government pursuit. The book’s primary source material stems from new revelations unveiled by the FBI concerning Luther King Jr.

Hollywood luminary Steven Spielberg, recognized as one of the industry’s true titans, will join the project as an executive producer under his esteemed production and distribution company, Amblin Partners. Accompanying him is Kristie Macosko, a long-standing collaborator of Spielberg’s who has earned two Oscar nominations. She has played a significant role in successful biographical undertakings such as “The Trial of the Chicago 7” and the much-anticipated “Maestro.”

Currently, there is no information available regarding the screenwriter or the cast selection for the roles of Martin Luther King Jr. and other pivotal characters.

Chris Rock in the Director’s Chair

It is noteworthy that, despite being predominantly renowned as a comedic actor, Chris Rock has already showcased his directing prowess. In 2003, he marked his directorial debut with “Head of State”, a comedic narrative that unfolds the story of a seemingly ordinary presidential candidate. Subsequently, he took the helm for various episodes of the acclaimed television series “Everybody Hates Chris”, where he also lent his voice as a narrator. In addition to these projects, he has directed a range of comedy specials and even a music video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Among his other directorial works are “Top Five” in 2014 and “I Think I Love My Wife” in 2007, with the latter co-authored by notable figures like Louis C.K. and Éric Rohmer. Notably, this latter film serves as an American adaptation of the French film “L’Amour l’après-midi,” originally directed by Rohmer.

Furthermore, it is pertinent to mention that Chris Rock also graced the Netflix film titled “Rustin”, where he skillfully portrayed the character of activist Roy Wilkins. This cinematic piece draws inspiration from the true story of Bayard Rustin, another influential activist who played a pivotal role in organizing the historic March on Washington, led by none other than Martin Luther King Jr.