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Shocking Details of Trump’s Brief Arrest Revealed: What Really Happened?

Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Erie, Pa., on July 29, 2023.

Donald Trump was arrested in Atlanta for just 20 minutes and then immediately released on bail for attempting, with 18 other allies, to overturn the vote in Georgia in 2020. Despite the brief arrest, the images are destined to remain in history. He was seen disembarking from his private jet with a displeased expression, followed by a large motorcade. Along the route, only a few fans were present, while some residents insulted him.

He was then taken not to a courthouse, but to a prison known for its challenging conditions. Here, he underwent the booking process and mugshot, an event no former president has ever faced before. The recorded details indicated he was a white male, 1.92 cm tall, weighing 97 kilograms, with blonde or strawberry hair and blue eyes.

He received no special treatment. However, Trump intends to use his mugshot as a symbol of his alleged political and judicial martyrdom. After the arrest, he boarded his jet, stating he had done nothing wrong and criticized the justice system.

He will have to appear again on September 5th for a hearing, and on October 23rd, the first trial for one of the defendants involved in his case will begin.

After the incident, Trump posted his mugshot on a social network, highlighting his criticisms of the arrest and linking to his website for donations.

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