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Karin Kneissl: the Austrian waltz with Putin and the transfer in Russia… The secret behind their relationship!

The dimly lit ballrooms of European diplomacy have never shone as bright as when Karin Kneissl, Austria’s former Foreign Minister, stepped onto the global stage. Handpicked by the fervent ultranationalist Fpö party, Kneissl’s unexpected twirl with Russia’s Vladimir Putin during her 2018 nuptials was not merely a dance but a prologue to an intricate ballet of international relations.

In the following chapters of her life, Kneissl donned various hats, all embellished with a touch of Russian flair. From penning columns for Russia Today, a media powerhouse echoing Kremlin’s voice, to a brief sojourn on the board of Rosneft, Russia’s oil titan, Kneissl’s career trajectory left many in the West watching with bated breath. The crescendo was reached when the European Parliament’s looming threat of sanctions made her reconsider her engagements.

Yet, the dance wasn’t over. Kneissl pirouetted into a new role with G.O.R.K.Y., a think tank sprung fresh from the intellectual soils of the Middle East, with its roots deeply embedded in Kremlin’s treasure and the academic courtyards of St. Petersburg’s famed university. Making the leap to Russia, she didn’t just cross geographical borders; she transported her personal life, replete with two loyal boxer canines and ponies that seem straight out of a fairy tale. Their dramatic airlift from Syria by the Russian military added a touch of espionage to the narrative.

Kneissl’s evolving stance towards her homeland paints a vivid contrast. While she paints Vienna’s approach to Russia with a brush of skepticism, Austria remains ensnared in a web of energy politics and commerce with the vast nation to the East. The political ambiance is thick with accusations, pointing fingers at those benefitting from the so-called “blood money”.

Yet, as fascinating as Kneissl’s story is, it’s but a piece on a grand chessboard. The Fpö party, with shadows of controversies trailing behind, looms large over the Austrian political landscape. And as the clocks tick towards the 2024 elections, the echoes from Austria’s past reverberate with warnings. With whispers of undisclosed ties and covert operations, Peter Griddling, a veteran of Austria’s intelligence community, hints at a deeper game afoot.

In the grand theater of international relations, Kneissl’s journey is but one act. Yet, it’s a tale that reminds us how, in diplomacy, every step, every move, every dance has repercussions that echo across the world.

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