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French senator’s shocking fall: accused of drugging deputy for sexual favors

french senator

french senator

Joel Guerriau, a French senator from the ‘Les Indépendants’ group, has recently been arrested in a case that has shaken the country and the political world. The circumstances surrounding his arrest are particularly disturbing, as he is accused of drugging a female deputy to obtain sexual favors.

The incident took place in Paris, where the police took decisive action upon receiving the accusation. Blood tests on the victim revealed the presence of ecstasy, a finding that further complicated the situation for the senator. This drug, known for altering a person’s perception and control, was later found in Guerriau’s residence, adding compelling evidence to the investigation.

Guerriau, a banker by profession, has been a member of the Senate since 2011. His political career has been notable, rising to leadership positions and earning respect in the parliament. However, this situation has tarnished his reputation and raised serious questions about his conduct.

The deputy’s complaint, stating that she felt unwell after consuming a drink at the senator’s house, has been a critical point in the case. The accusation alleges that Guerriau administered the substance without her consent, with the intention of committing a sexual act without consent.

The senator’s legal team has expressed outrage at how the accusations have been spread in the media, arguing that this has damaged the public perception of the case. They have also questioned the integrity of the investigation, suggesting possible information leaks.

This scandal has had a considerable impact on Guerriau’s political career. His profiles on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been deactivated, reflecting the level of public scrutiny he is facing. In the past, Guerriau had already stirred controversy on social media, although he claimed his account had been hacked on that occasion.

The case is still developing, and the political and public communities eagerly await more details. The situation raises important questions about ethics and conduct in politics, and the eyes of the country are focused on how this scandalous case will be resolved.

Joel Guerriau’s legal situation has become complex and turbulent. The prosecution has confirmed his arrest on serious charges, accusing him of administering a substance to alter the deputy’s perception in order to commit sexual abuse.

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