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Drifting into Danger: Sailors, Sharks, and the Daunting Coral Sea

The Coral Sea, with its azure waters and abundant marine life, recently became the backdrop for a riveting drama. Three mariners – an Australian, a Russian, and a French – were aboard an inflatable catamaran when they confronted nature’s fearsome predators.

The vessel, left vulnerable and adrift approximately 800 km from the city of Cairns, bore the brunt of several shark onslaughts, evident from the discernible damage to its twin hulls.

The voyage’s intent was simple: navigate from the far-off Vanuatu archipelago to Cairns. However, fate had other plans, pushing them to activate a distress signal in the wee hours of a Wednesday morning.

A bird’s-eye view, courtesy of a circling helicopter, showcased the moment the vast cargo ship ‘Dugong Ace’ drew close, poised to intervene. As many seasoned sailors and marine biologists can attest, the Coral Sea’s reputation precedes it. Home to a variety of species like the gray reef sharks, tuna, and marlin, it’s believed by Australian officials to be among the most shark-populated zones globally.

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