Bishop vs. Pope: a scandalous revelation rocks the church. Joseph Strickland’s shocking words!

Bishop vs. Pope: a scandalous revelation rocks the church. Joseph Strickland’s shocking words!
Joseph Strickland

The voice of Joseph Strickland has been silenced, but someone… The prophecy of the bishop dismissed by the Pope.

On November 14, 2023, Joseph Strickland, who was removed by Francis, has reaffirmed the content of a speech he delivered five years ago, denouncing the behavior of the former cardinal.

The dismissal of Joseph Edward Strickland as bishop of Tyler continues to garner attention. A wave of solidarity has come from local and global faithful with a more traditional sensibility. While the social profiles of the Texan diocese have limited comments on new posts, Strickland continues to use his X profile as he did before Francisco’s decision last Saturday.

In his new X profile, Strickland mentioned his dismissal again and made an indirect reference to the McCarrick case, naming the former cardinal Theodore accused of abuse, even of minors. The Holy See responded to the accusations with a report in 2020, denying these circumstances.

In 2018, during the fall assembly of the US episcopal conference in Baltimore, Strickland took the floor and questioned his colleagues about the promotion of McCarrick and the general situation. He also questioned the issue of homosexuality among the prelates.

In a recent tweet, Strickland posted a video of his intervention in Baltimore and expressed his desire to reaffirm “those words from 5 years ago”, adding that his “voice has been removed from these meetings” but hoped that others could carry forward the message.

Strickland also participated in an event organized in his support, a procession where the rosary would be prayed “in defense of the Holy Mother Church and Bishop Joseph Strickland”. The Texan bishop expressed his appreciation for the initiative, emphasizing that it should be based on prayer and focused on Jesus.

Meanwhile, Monsignor Joe Vásquez, bishop of Austin and appointed apostolic administrator in Tyler after Strickland’s dismissal, announced a visit to the territory to organize “this period of transition”, without mentioning or thanking the outgoing bishop who had led the diocese for eleven years.

Since his dismissal, Strickland has maintained a firm stance, actively using his social media to express his views. In a recent tweet, he reaffirmed his statements from five years ago, showing his conviction in the truth of his words despite the lack of official support. This action has sparked various reactions among the faithful and observers of the Church, with some expressing their solidarity and others questioning his approach.

The controversy surrounding his figure and his statements continues to generate debate, highlighting the tensions within the Church and the complex dynamics between tradition and modernity in its structure.