Bella Hadid speaks up: no more silence on the Middle East conflict

Bella Hadid speaks up: no more silence on the Middle East conflict
Bella Hadid conflict

For the first time, Bella Hadid of Palestinian origins openly criticized the ongoing Middle East conflict. Bella Hadid, a long-time supporter of the Free Palestine movement, has had to endure the online exposure of personal information and daily intimidating messages.

“I refuse to remain silent any longer. Fear is not an option. The people and children of Palestine, especially in Gaza, cannot bear the weight of our silence. We are not the brave ones – they are.”.

In a heartfelt letter shared on Instagram on October 26, Bella Hadid expressed her thoughts on the Israel and Hamas conflict. She highlighted the “urgent humanitarian crisis in Gaza that demands immediate attention.”

Born in 1948, the same year when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced from their homes, Hadid’s father is a Palestinian immigrant and practicing Muslim. She spoke about the pain she feels witnessing the atrocities inflicted upon her people:
“My heart aches for the ongoing trauma that my Palestinian blood endures.”

Threats of violence

Despite her unwavering support for the Free Palestine movement, Hadid has faced the circulation of her personal information online and received “countless death threats every day”. However, these personal attacks have not deterred her from mourning the loss of life.

She mourns for both the mothers who have lost their children in Gaza. She also mourns for the Israeli families who have suffered due to the Hamas attacks on October 7.

It is noteworthy that Gigi Hadid, Bella’s sister, disapproves of “terrorizing innocent individuals,” as it does not serve the Free Palestine movement’s cause well.

Condemnation of warfare

Hadid shared a video of a woman singing Lorde’s “Team”. The video featured a carousel of graphic images displaying the bombings and destruction caused by the conflict. Expressing the anguish, Hadid emphasized the brutal settler invasions leading to complete destruction, calculated murders, and the forced displacement of families from their homes. Her family, who have borne witness to 75 years of violence against the Palestinian people, is deeply affected. She noted that the practice of settlements on Palestinian land continues even today, causing unimaginable pain.

However, alongside her condemnation of the suffering endured by Palestine, Hadid firmly denounced terrorist attacks on civilians anywhere. She also criticized “corrupt” governments intertwining religious beliefs in their decision-making processes, considering it to be the gravest moral offense. The model stressed the significance of respecting the laws of warfare. They urged leaders worldwide to remember the pressing needs of the people in Gaza and ensure that innocent Palestinian civilians are not forgotten victims of this conflict. With a resolute stand for humanity, Hadid emphasized that peace and security belong to everyone.